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Dance Movement Therapy

舞 蹈 疗 法

"Movement is the Medium where Sensory Integration and Mindfulness Take Place"

与 有 特 殊 需 要 的 孩 子 共 舞

What is Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)?

According to DTAA, dance movement therapy is the relational and therapeutic use of dance and movement to further the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and cultural functioning of a person.

Dance movement therapy is based on the empirically-supported unity of body and mind. 

It recognizes that change and growth in one support change and growth in the other.

Dance movement therapists combine the elements of dance, movement systems, creative processes, and psychological and scientific theories, to address the specific needs of groups and individuals.

Dance Movement Therapists Role includes:

  • appreciate the therapeutic value of aesthetic and artistic experience of dance

  • understand the interrelationship of the physical, emotional, and cognitive dimensions of human behaviour

  • use their skills in movement observation and analysis to assess individuals, develop and evaluate therapeutic programs

  • recognise body movement as the basis of human interaction and communication

  • are trained in counselling skills and group facilitation

  • design and implement programs for diverse client groups.

Mission and Vision

Happy Little Therapy was formed to provide quality therapeutic experience and enlightenment delivered to every individual and families with a sense of empathy, understanding, friendliness, and honesty.

To provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to express and work on their individual needs/goals.


We envision to provide culturally competent and holistic services that


  • upholds the growth of individuals with learning and socio-emotional development

  • promote individual movement expressions and physical fitness

  • address the behavioural challenges in children and individuals

  • support parents and caregivers of individuals with additional needs

  • prevent the development of mental health issues among families and in society


Delivering individualized sessions that fit into different families needs,  

believing strongly that every individual is unique and deserves a supportive environment to grow.


Hi! I'm Elise!

And I'd like to dance with your child!

Dance Movement Therapist / Mental Health Coach

DTAA (DMT Prof) Reg.No. 220-02, Adv. Clin. Prac. in DMT (DTNZ), 
PGDip(Sc) in Psych (ABA), B(Sc) Applied Psych (Hons)

My journey began after graduating from a Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology (Hons) in 2012.

I started working alongside children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum and other related disorders as a

Behavioural Therapist implementing Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) at Early Autism Project Malaysia

under the supervision of a clinical psychologist, Jochebed Isaacs.

After moving to Auckland, 

I furthered my training in Dance Movement Therapy and was a lead dance therapist for 

STARS Programme Pakuranga, DTNZ, at Te Tuhi Arts Centre. 

Following a Postgraduate Diploma (Sc) in Psychology (ABA) (Behavioral Science) at the University of Auckland,

I am a Registered Dance Movement Therapist by profession while obtaining my Psychologist title here in NZ

Through my practical working experiences with children, 

I began to recognize that there is a gap between the interventions for children who experience Autism Spectrum.

There is an interconnection between both the external environment and individual needs.

The current project I am working on is to incorporate Preference Assessments in

Dance Movement Therapy for children who experience Autism Spectrum and other related disorder,

looking at the effectiveness and incorporation of both Dance Therapy and Applied Behavioral interventions


Integrated dance therapy with positive behavioural support as a part of early interventions

for children with learning difficulties or individuals with additional needs.

Particularly interested in the integration of Mindfulness techniques, Creative Movement Psychotherapy,

Positive Behavioral Support, Pivotal Response Treatment, Relational Development Intervention,

Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

Psycho-therapeutic Counseling, and Person-Centered Approaches.

Also experienced in coaching and counselling support for adults encountering mental health challenges,

depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, anger management issues in different aspects of life. 

Online Consultation via Zoom/Skype Support services is available.  

For more information:

Mob: +6422 047 5565 

Email: cmtherapynz@gmail.com

"If you look deep enough, there is good in everything."

Operating Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat/Sun: 10am-3pm

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