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Ways and ideas to cope with Covid19 as Dance Therapist

I believe most of us here are impacted from all rapids changes and uncertainties from the current Covid19 situation.

Especially being a Dance Therapist, what does this mean for us as practitioners who require that face to face contact with clients? Not only that this situation would increase anxiety among our clients, it would impact on us as practitioners, especially with all the cancellations of appointments.

It is important for all of us first practice what we offer to our clients to ourselves first. To maintain calm, and practice mindfulness in moment like this. Otherwise, we will not be able to support our clients.

We know that society has been practicing "physical" distancing to reduce the risk of Covid19. But we should really be taking this opportunity to increase our social support. Self-isolation does not mean not staying connect on an emotional level.

Here are some of the ways/suggestions as contractors, we can cope with the situation.

1. Bringing Service Online

For Dance Therapist who works predominantly with adults. Thinking of ways to convert your session into online, through the use of Video calling and/or Zoom sessions. Thankfully with the technology and internet, which most of our clients who have access to, can help in coping in this situation where physical distancing applies. This is the best time to offer live streaming, or even Webinars so people could still access to your service. With more people spending at home, the chances of them browsing through the internet is higher, take this opportunity to market your service.

However, for those who works predominantly with children, it would be slightly challenging. One suggestion is to give support and reassurance to your clients on steps/strategies that you will practice to maintain hygiene during sessions. Eg. Provide sanitizers and wipes during sessions. Encouraging clients are washing their hands before and after sessions, including yourself as Dance Therapist. Sanitize and disinfect all dance props before and after use/each sessions. One good point is to add extra buffer time between appointments to thoroughly clean stations and disinfect all equipment used. Refrain from physical hugs or even touch during sessions. Should a child decide to have some physical contact, you can utilize dance props as a medium to facilitate sessions. This is a great time to teach children spatial awareness, and personal boundaries, which dance therapy could offer. (watch the space for next blog on how to guide children on spatial awareness topic)

2. Postponing Appointments/Service.

If possible, offer the flexibility to postpone sessions to a later date. It is important to remember in service line, we are offering customer service experience. With everything slowing down, it is important to build that trusting working relationship with our clients by offering flexibility during times like this.

3. Keeping your Clients Updated.

Ensure clients are aware that you are monitoring and responding proactively in ensuring the health and safety of everyone. By providing ongoing updates of the current situation and your responses towards Covid19 would help reassure your clients that you are taking their health and safety as priority as part of your service. The most important thing is to look after yourself first, by increasing your very own immune system.

For those who are bold, you can be creative by bringing service to client's home instead. This means

you would need to ensure that you are looking after yourself carefully. And ensuring you are covered by insurance as a form of protection.

**Disclaimer: We do not make any warranties about the completeness and accuracy of this information. This information are just based on personal opinion and experiences. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of our website.

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