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Eastern/South Auckland, New Zealand

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Individualized Therapeutic Sessions 

Initial Assessment

45 minutes initial assessment is offered to help individuals to identify body movement coordination, emotional aspects, behavioural needs and goals to work on.

Therapeutic Dance Movement Sessions

Individualized therapeutic sessions through evidence-based practice Mindfulness Therapeutic Dance and Positive Behavioral Support.


  • Children Or Individuals In The Autism Spectrum And Related Learning Difficulties/Additional Needs

  • Addressing Challenging Repetitive Behaviors

  • Trauma And Anger Management

  • Expressive And Receptive Language Development

  • Improve Socialization Skills through incidental learning opportunities

  • Process Routine Change And Flexibility 

  • Anxiety, Stress, And Conflict Resolution

  • Promote Mindfulness Skills And Self Regulations

  • Improving Communication Skills, Problem-Solving And Socio-Emotional Literacy Through Learning Opportunities

  • Increase Confidence And Self-Esteem

  • Improve Social Skills And Relating To Others

  • Exploring Different Ways Of Creative Expressions And Being Present In The Moment Through Mindfulness

Individual, family and group work are available.​

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Weekend Parents-Child Therapeutic Movement Sessions

  • Focusing on Social Engagements through Incidental Learning Opportunities

  • Expressive and Receptive Language Development

  • Improving Conflict Resolutions

  • Handling Emotional Regulations

  • Shared Experiential through Interactions and Mindful Movement

  • Educative Sessions for Parents

  • Improving Parent-Child Relationships

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