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Eastern/South Auckland, New Zealand

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FREE Initial Assessment

An initial assessment (~45 mins) is offered to help individuals

  • to assess if Dance Therapy or other support would be a suitable support for your child

  • to identify body movement coordination, emotional aspects, behavioural needs

  • to identify practical goals to work on through sessions

Therapeutic Dance Movement Sessions

Individualized therapeutic sessions through evidence-based practice Mindfulness Therapeutic Dance and Positive Behavioral Support.


  • Children Or Individuals In The Autism Spectrum And Related Learning Difficulties/Additional Needs

  • Addressing Challenging Repetitive Behaviors

  • Trauma And Anger Management

  • Expressive And Receptive Language Development

  • Improve Socialization Skills through incidental learning opportunities

  • Process Routine Change And Flexibility 

  • Anxiety, Stress, And Conflict Resolution

  • Promote Mindfulness Skills And Self Regulations

  • Improving Communication Skills, Problem-Solving And Socio-Emotional Literacy Through Learning Opportunities

  • Increase Confidence And Self-Esteem

  • Improve Social Skills And Relating To Others

  • Exploring Different Ways Of Creative Expressions And Being Present In The Moment Through Mindfulness

Individual, family and group work are available.​

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Weekend Parents-Child Therapy Workshops

  • Focusing on Social Engagements through Incidental Learning Opportunities

  • Expressive and Receptive Language Development

  • Improving Conflict Resolutions

  • Handling Emotional Regulations

  • Shared Experiential through Interactions and Mindful Movement

  • Educative Sessions for Parents

  • Improving Parent-Child Relationships

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